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Banking-compatible gemstones for investment and wealth diversification as a new asset class


Utilizing blockchain technology to enhance accessibility and establish gemstones as a novel asset class like stocks, gold, and real estate for investors, HNWI, family offices, and banks to further diversify their portfolio.

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GEMBlock GmbH
Baarerstrasse 43
6300 Zug
Websites:, https://digitallymelted.com

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Alexander Streeb, Director

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Registered company name: GEMBlock GmbH
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GEMBlock GmbH

Baarerstrasse 43, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
office @ gemblock . cc
+60 (0) 13 - 324 58 41

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GEMBlock, the Swiss based arm of Deutsches Edelsteinhaus (DEH) builts on the 5+ years of expertise of DEH, Germany's #1 retail seller of investment-grade gemstones, which pioneered the successful business model of offering gemstones to investors as a stable investment option.

To expand the business model globally and to establish gemstones as an asset class, GEMBlock uses the advantages of blockchain technology to reach this target. Blockchain's immutability in combination with the stringent quality control, guaranteed ethical sourcing, scientific authentication, secure transport and storage as well as objective valuation of gemstones – all verified by independent, court-certified experts – makes this project a unicorn in the crypto sphere.

We've selected FIREBLOCKS as our technical partner for all blockchain aspects, recognizing their unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in the blockchain domain.

This combination, supported by a proven business model, positions us as a credible and trustworthy platform.


Digital Melting™ stands as a cornerstone of our platform, revolutionizing the way gemstones are traded. 

This proprietary technology seamlessly merges the tangible allure of gemstones with digital fluidity, ensuring each gem's unique value is captured and traded with precision and ease. 

It represents a pivotal shift in asset commodification, setting new standards in both transparency and accessibility for investors keen on pioneering with us in this vibrant market.


Mirroring De Beers' unparalleled dominance in the diamond industry and the London Bullion Market's central role in gold trading, we aspire to become the foremost facilitator in the global colored invetsment-grade gemstones market.

By Digital Melting™ we leverage blockchain technology to introduce a new level of accessibility, liquidity, and transparency to the colored gemstone market and thus transforming this once non-fungible asset into a commodity and establishing a new asset class. 

This approach will not only modernize the industry, but also attract a broader range of investors, making gemstone investment as straightforward and reliable as trading in more traditional asset classes.